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Please take our quick 10 question self risk assessment for an indication on risk management knowledge and practices. 


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Addressing topics and bringing attention to issues that are impacting the design and construction industry today.


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As an advocate for the design and building sectors, SmartRisk conducts surveys and develops insightful reports providing valuable information affecting the design and construction industry today. 


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Photo Paid Threat Opportunity KeysSmartRisk is a leading risk and performance management consultancy for the design and construction industry. Our focus is improving the overall performance, profitability and reduce risk and liability exposures of our clients through effective risk management solutions.

SmartRisk unique background as a risk manager for international design and construction firms, and with insurance carriers with responsibility for underwriting, claims analysis and risk management - provides the ideal platform for understanding the challenges today, and identifying effective solutions for your organization.

Corporate peopleSR Risk Profile

SmartRisk has developed an advanced risk analysis tool. Based on your individual responses, a firm specific SR Risk Profile Tool® Report is developed in key categories including SR Risk-Ratings® recommendations for mitigating future risk in an SR Risk Management Action Plan® and certificate of completion is provided for your records.

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