Risk Management Documents


Risky Contract Words

Certain words used in contracts can significantly increase risk for firms. This document identifies risky words, there usual legal interpretation and more favorable words or phases.

Link: http://smartrisk.biz/docs/SmartRisk_Risky_Words.pdf

Contract Checklist

A helpful tool when firms are reviewing critical contract provisions.

Link: http://smartrisk.biz/docs/SmartRisk_Contract_Checklist.pdf


Project Insurance: Benefits and Cautions

Project insurance options and alternatives - each having it's benefits and cautionary points.  

Link: http://smartrisk.biz/docs/SmartRisk_Article_Project_Insurance.pdf

Criteria When Selecting an Insurance Carrier

Key categories to consider when selecting your professional liability (PL) insurance carrier.  

Link: http://smartrisk.biz/docs/SmartRisk_Selecting_Insurance_Carrier.pdf

Practice Management

SmartRisk Self Risk Assessment Tool

Risk assesssment tool that provides a basic indication of a firms risk management knowledge and applied practices. 

Link: http://smartrisk.biz/docs/SmartRisk_Self_Risk_Assessment_Tool.pdf

Firm Value & Project Risk Checklist

Key categories that deliver value for design firms and reduce project risk.

Link: http://smartrisk.biz/docs/SmartRisk_Value_Risk_Checklist.pdf








Risk Management Documents