Risk and Performance Management

SmartRisk is a leading risk and performance management consultancy for the design and construction industry. Services focus on improving overall performance, profitability and reducing insurance costs through effective risk management solutions.


This is accomplished through firm or project specific risk analysis, the development of tailored training sessions, consulting services and customized programs

SmartRisk has extensive experience analyzing risk and implementing organizational and process improvement strategies for the design, environmental and construction sectors.

SmartRisk unique background including insurance underwriting, claims analysis and risk management services provides the ideal platform for understanding the challenges today, and having the ability for identifying effective risk and performance management solutions.

SmartRisk Advantage:

  •      Cutting-edge risk analysis
  •      Customized SR Risk Assessment Reporting
  •      Reduce risk threatening financial viability
  •      Improve overall performance and profitability
  •      Reduce exposures and lower insurance costs
  •      Tailored training sessions and consulting services
  •      Firm specific risk management plans
  •      Mitigate future risk and liability exposures
  •      Independent insurance and claims analysis
  •      Strategies protecting your important professional image
Please contact SmartRisk for information on customized risk & performance management solutions.
T: 626-665-8150