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As an advocate for the design and building sectors, SmartRisk conducts surveys and develops insightful reports providing valuable information affecting the design and construction industry today.

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The approach - with up to date information - we can make better informed decisions, that in return, will minimize risk and maximize performance.


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Please take 2 minutes and complete these 10 question, radio button surveys. Results will be provided in a future newsletters, articles and industry training sessions.


Economics Impacting A/E's

Current Responses:

20%: Firms Freezing All Salaries
81%: Having Difficulty Getting Paid for Services
26%: Cutting Expenses
28%: Difficulty Obtaining Proper Fees for Services


Green Project Survey

Current Responses:

33%: Current Annual Green Revenue >20%
48%: 0-5 Projects Annually
18%: Commercial/Office Projects
90%: Anticipate Increase Revenue Next Year
22%: Return on Green Investment Biggest Risk



Title: SmartRisk A/E Law Firms Survey Report

The economic climate has dramatically changed the landscape for many A/E firms. Industry surveys indicate 92% of all design firms have been negatively impacted by the economic downturn. Many firms are unknowing implementing changes that is increasing their risk and liability exposures.

SmartRisk conducted a survey of 20 A/E law firms (292 attorneys) across the United States that specialize in design and construction litigation. These firms are on the front-lines for handling A/E legal disputes and obtaining valuable insights on claim trends, legal developments and challenges for the industry.

Key Survey Findings:

  • 85%: A/E firms taking on more risk driven by slow economic conditions.
  • 80%: Attorneys have seen unique claims/claimants driven by economic conditions.
  • 80%: Changes in the frequency and/or severity of claims.
  • 75%: Increase in green, sustainable claims 
  • 70%: Claims brought within two years following the completion of a project.

Disciplines with Highest Frequency of Claims:

  • Architects: 29%
  • Structural: 24%
  • Civil: 16%

Projects with Highest Frequency of Claims:

  • Condominiums: 28%
  • Residential Sub-Divisions: 19%
  • Public Projects: 19%
  • Schools: 13%

With this important information, design professionals and other industry professionals are in a better position in making informed decisions for mitigating risk and liability exposures. If you are interested in obtaining the complete report, please click on the ADD TO CART button.

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Title: SmartRisk Survey Report of A/E Firms

With the dramatic changes occurring in the economy today, a survey was conducted of architect, engineering, environmental consultants and other professionals from all regions of the U.S. Sixty-eight firms participated identifying; changes in revenue, project types, insurance decisions driven by economics including changing insurance carriers.

Key Findings:

  • 53%: Revenues dropped between 10% to >50% in the past 12 months.
  • 44%: Economic conditions played a part in PL insurance decisions.
  • 18%: Changed carriers. Reasons; 1) lower premium 2) pre-claims assistance 3) risk management services.
  • 48%: have had a claim in the past five years
  • Architects accounted for 46% of claims, engineers, 30.8%.
  • Firms with reduced revenues accounted for 76.2% of claims

The survey provides valuable insights and information including service offerings from the A/E firm perspective. Impacts on insurance decisions and recommendations for insurance providers during this challenging period are identified. If you are interested in obtaining the complete report, please click on the ADD TO CART button.

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Title: SmartRisk Survey Report of Professional Liability (PL) Insurance Carriers

Insurance providers play an important role in every A/E firms and environmental consultants risk management program. A survey was conducted of 17 carriers specializing in Professional Liability (PL) insurance providing vital and valuable information and recommendations assisting firms in weathering this difficult economic period. Based on the challenges and publicity surrounding the insurance industry, carriers identify practices they use to mitigate internal risk improving performance and profitability.

Survey objectives:

  • How are economic conditions effecting insurance providers?
  • How are insurance providers minimizing their risk?
  • Trends for A/E firms: Are firms accepting more risk?
  • Recommendations for A/E firms.
  • Services offerings and comparisons by carriers
  • What is available to assist A/E firms?

This insightful survey report provides a comparison of providers, identifies where A/E firms are accepting more risk, but more importantly, recommendations for mitigating future risk and liability exposures. If you are interested in obtaining the complete report, please click on the ADD TO CART button.

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